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Posted by pwp on January 14, 2012

Eat” is one of the latest additions to the culinary landscape of Ann Arbor. You may have tried them at Mark’s carts this year where they served delicious seasonal and local food. Now Helen and Blake offer fabulous catering for weddings as well as carry-out. Their name is simple and right to the point. It is all about making amazing good food and truly enjoy eating it. They are definitely getting lots of buzz around here and now Current magazine is planning to feature an article from our friend Nick. I was glad to contribute with a few photographs, which attempt to capture their passion and productive team work.

Here is their really cool location covered with some fresh snow…

I love watching the food being made in the kitchen right behind the counter!

Congratulations Helen and Blake for all your success!

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Dark-Eyed Molly

Posted by pwp on January 2, 2012

On a snowy December day, I photographed Eric and Jo, a vocal duo called Dark-Eyed Molly. From the tune that they sang during the session, I could feel the intensity and honesty of the performance and I can’t wait to hear them at their next concert. These are some of my favorites images, which hopefully capture the spirit of their music.

Some more relaxed moments…

Singing one of their tunes…

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Miette & Aaron at Selma Cafe

Posted by pwp on November 23, 2011

Selma Cafe brings so many opportunities to the community. The main one is to raise funds for local food initiatives such as helping build hoop houses and helping young entrepreneurs start their own farms. This is a crucial effort to enhance our quality of life and the culture of our communities by going back to a local network of food providers. Some other opportunities that Selma cafe offers are to meet old and new friends on Friday mornings for a great breakfast made with local and seasonal ingredients. The opportunity that was so evident last Friday was to allow the expression of the incredible creativity and teamwork of Chef Chris of Miette and Aaron, Ph.D (Chem). Their idea was to conceive a menu with the delicious fresh “Miette” brioche and some taste of molecular gastronomy with a “sous-vide” egg. And le Miette sandwich was born!
When such magic happens, anything is possible and in this case, Chris and Aaron with the amazing help from all the volunteers have actually broken the record with 209 guests! So congratulations to everyone for making Selma Cafe such a hit and a true Ann Arbor tradition in the coming.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the morning.

Here is how le Miette sandwich looks like… I wish I could show you how it tasted!

Here is how the magic starts… simply by a one-of-a-kind Miette brioche bun

I love the touch of beet reduction brushed on the plate.

And here comes the “sous-vide” egg placed delicately by Aaron on the cheese crisp.

So much focus on the whole process!

I can’t resist but put another shot of this beautiful process…

Chef Chris with her delicious choux a la creme!

Teamwork in action.

Aaron explaining how his “sous-vide” machine works its magic.

Et voila!

Chris and Aaron, hats off to your beautiful creation!

Just a few of the 200+ guests who will remember this breakfast for a long time to come!

Chris and Lisa (co-founder of Selma cafe with Jeff)

I’d like to end with this shot that I took before the event. Chemistry and Pastry at their best!

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