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Sylvia & Jay – Wedding (Part 2)

Posted by pwp on February 2, 2013

The next day, Sylvia and Jay got married at the church and somehow they still had some energy from the Vietnamese ceremony and celebrations the day before! The weather was once again fantastic with high 70s. The natural light was great inside the church, so I’m glad I ended up bringing my camera for just a few shots… in between calming down our 3-month old Lucie! Congrats Sylvia and Jay for a beautiful ceremony!

Here are some of my favorite moments:


Lucie was behaving quite good for the most part… Isn’t she the cutest in her gold dress and shoes!!!!!


Mrs. and Mr! Celebrating!


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Sylvia & Jay – Vietnamese ceremony (Part 1)

Posted by pwp on January 29, 2013

When it’s January, you usually would be quite happy to leave Michigan for a few days in the sun, especially the one in California. Thanks to Sylvia and Jay’s wedding, we got that opportunity! Following the Vietnamese tradition, the day before the “official” wedding at the church, a tea ceremony is held at the bride’s parents’ house. Sylvia wore an amazingly intricate and beautiful dress called Ao Dai. Among a number of symbolic gifts, the groom’ s family brings an actual roasted pig, which will be devoured once the ceremony is over!

Here are some of my favorite moments of the day:



A special mother-daughter moment…


Hard to take a bad picture of you Sylvia! You just look gorgeous!


Here’s the Man!



That was an emotional moment between Jay and one of his brothers!



The very happy couple!


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It’s never too late!

Posted by pwp on September 2, 2011

In typical asian weddings, the bride gets to wear a number of dresses throughout the day. This is really wonderful for everyone to see but it does add more stress and work for the bride at least to be changing so many times during the day. It also means that some dresses unfortunately are worn for just a short time. My good friend Jovy who got married following the Filipino tradition had this one dress made of pineapple fibers (!) which is absolutely stunning but she only got to wear it for a moment on her wedding day. So she decided to wear it again on a beautiful summer evening and take a few photos of this occasion. And I am so glad she did! You really looked like a princess from a fairy tale!…

Here are some of my favorites moments of that evening.

Your pineapple fiber shirt does not look bad either!

Jovy, you just look amazing in that dress!

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