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Dark-Eyed Molly

Posted by pwp on January 2, 2012

On a snowy December day, I photographed Eric and Jo, a vocal duo called Dark-Eyed Molly. From the tune that they sang during the session, I could feel the intensity and honesty of the performance and I can’t wait to hear them at their next concert. These are some of my favorites images, which hopefully capture the spirit of their music.

Some more relaxed moments…

Singing one of their tunes…

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Selma Cafe: a royal treat

Posted by pwp on April 30, 2011

On the day of the royal wedding in UK, Chef Chris helped by Aaron and the awesome Selma team pulled off another amazingly delicious breakfast this Friday! My favorite was of course the French Far Breton served with a slice of homemade bacon by Jeff McCabe. This was a royal treat, I must say…. As always Selma Cafe is the place to meet old and new friends and start your day with a smile on everybody’s face. It is most of all a foundation to promote local food projects which have not only a real economic impact on the region but also brings back the pleasure of producing and consuming food where we live. This is indeed something that we have mostly forgotten, but will hopefully come back.

Here are my favorite moments of the morning:

Jeff and Lisa, Selma Cafe founders.

The Far breton…Here is Chef Chris and Sous Chef Aaron’s creation:

Chef Chris’s bodyguards (Andrew and Scooter)

At the hoe cakes station, Mel was adding some coolness on the floor…

Salomon, our “gentleman farmer”, recently bought some land for his new farm and did not waste time to advertise! I love his slogan!


More smiles…

Hugs too… while eating amazing food… Heaven!

As I was leaving, I bumped into the Cleaning fairy, our dear Michelle, always a smile on her face. Thanks for your hard work!

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2008 Moments

Posted by pwp on June 21, 2009


I must say that we had such an amazing year full of wonderful moments! Congratulations to all our lovely couples who inspired our work throughout the year and into 2009. Looking forward to many more unforgettable moments…

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