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Yes this blog is about photography but it is really about my way of capturing the world around me. I love photography and what I perhaps most love about it is how different it can be seen from “traditional” art media such as painting or sculpting. Nowadays, in a time where anybody (and I mean anybody) can take a good picture and sometimes even a great one, photography is without any doubt the most “democratic” medium of expression.

Having said that, it does take a certain appreciation to art for someone to distinguish a basic picture from a photograph (or photo). The latter contains a combination of visual, spatial and temporal elements that makes it simply magical. Most importantly a photograph contains some emotions that inevitably creates an amazing connection between the subject of the photo and ourselves.

I personally seek photographs that capture a special moment in someone’s journey and the emotions that emanate from it. This is where I find beauty in our world and I am so fascinated by it. Beauty is something so ephemeral by essence, yet it can last forever on a photograph. I see this as “infinity in a moment”, and this is what 8frame is all about…

So feel free to wander around the blog and discover moments and thoughts of my life in general and as a photographer. This will also be a place where you will see the first images of recent photo shoots from PWP. I also share as much insight as possible about my photography experiences and techniques to other photographers, as we never stop learning, especially when it comes to photography!

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Chez US said

    I use to love reading Christine’s blog Holy Basil, I still visit often for her wonderful recipes. I have tried reaching out but the email always bounces back. Do you have an email address for her? She will remember me, I sent her our Portuguese Masa and she had sent me some “mother” vinegar.


  2. Hi! I’m writing an article about Selma cafe for a Swedish non-profit newspaper that is connected to an interest-free bank, kind of like the farmer’s fund. You’ve taken such lovely pictures from the breakfasts that I wonder if I could use them for my article? The cafe is closed for the summer and I will not be able to take pictures my self.

    -Alexander Olsson

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