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Burger Odyssey

Posted by pwp on April 3, 2011

Following the success of the Beer Odyssey, which got the cover page on Current magazine this month, Nick wasted no time to organize another of his famous odysseys… This time, we’ll be on a mission to find the best burger around. This started in downtown Ann Arbor at the Grange, then Grizzly Peak, followed by Fritas Batidos and Jolly Pumpkin, ending with Old Town. A couple more restaurants were on our list but our stomachs got full sooner than we thought! Look for Nick’s article in an upcoming Current magazine article.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the evening:

Let’s start at the Grange with our talented panel of experts in burger “gastronomy”!

I love Chef Brandon Johns’ concept, which provides fantastic dishes from local farmers focused on sustainable practices.

Time for our 2nd burger tasting at Grizzly Peak.

Moving on to the brand new Fritas Batidos.

Burgers served on a banana leaf, …that’s a creative and useful way of presenting them without any dishes to wash…

The ginger-based beverages are served in a plastic bag, which makes it for a fun surprise but really not good for the environment (unless the restaurant recycles them somehow).

Time to taste what Jolly Pumpkin has to offer…

They definitely had my favorite fries, kinda like McDonald’s or a typical French steak-frites.

To get us to burn some of these burgers, Nick got that football from the store next door. What followed were some memorable catches down Main street, but they did not last that long due to the freezing night. I love that photo though…

And here was the last burger place we could take for the night: Old Town.

Love the “old town” east-coast like atmosphere…

2 Responses to “Burger Odyssey”

  1. Wow, these are amazing! Thanks for capturing the night so wonderfully 🙂

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