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Happy 2nd Anniversary Selma Cafe!

Posted by pwp on February 20, 2011

Yesterday we all celebrated the 2nd Anniversary of Selma Cafe in Ann Arbor! In case you still don’t know about this different type of “cafe”, come on Friday mornings to get one of the most delicious breakfasts you’ll ever have, in the warm company of old and new friends (see our last post)! Jeff and Lisa started to open their house for this weekly treat two years ago and this has now become an Ann Arbor tradition.

Their goal is to raise money for local food initiatives and gather the community to exchange ideas. They have already build a number of hoop houses and are very active active with local farmers.

Here are some of my favorites from the night:


The entrance is filled with name tags that you can re-use.

You feel welcomed right away, especially with some sweet jazzy tunes from Miss Katie and the MereKats

Michigan cookies!

A Full house!

And Jeff and Lisa, always full of life and laughs!

Home-made ham… hummm…

Everyone had a chance to thank Selma Cafe for two fantastic years!

Time to cut the cake!

Another band called Petal Shop fueled the party of folky songs!

Selma Cafe, on its way to another amazing year!

3 Responses to “Happy 2nd Anniversary Selma Cafe!”

  1. Fantastic images! Seems like you really captured the mood!

  2. beautiful photos! Thank you so much Pierre.

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    Happy 2nd Anniversary Selma Cafe! « 8frame

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