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Headshots in Ann Arbor

Posted by pwp on February 1, 2011

Doing a photo shoot in Winter definitely requires a good dose of determination, and Jade-Olivia definitely had a lot of! The temperature was around 20 deg F, but it was a gorgeous sunny day. Downtown was very busy this weekend, possibly because of the Folk Music Festival (I’ll be posting something on this soon). The photos will be used to update her portfolio for acting and modeling opportunities. Despite the cold, we had lots of fun doing the shoot and even got to end it listening to some cool saxophone music at the “graffiti” alley.

Here are some of my favorites of the day:

These first few images were taken through the glass window of a cafe, and I love the cinematographic effect…

I really wanted to render some “cinematographic” feel to these photographs. For this, I used two remote lights, including a light box for diffused light on her face.

20 deg F and mini-skirt. You are so brave! You definitely can act “not being totally frozen”!

Here are some “magazine” shots…


The saxo player playing with his gloves gives you a hint on how cold it was.

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