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Beer Odyssey

Posted by pwp on January 6, 2011

Is there a better way to start the new Year with a Beer Tasting Bus tour around Ann Arbor and surroundings?! That’s why I had to capture the “spirit” of the Odyssey at one the breweries, the freshly opened Wolverine on Stadium Blvd. I am hurrying to post this before the tour actually ends tonight….

Here are my favorite moments:

The bus was welcomed with some fresh snow!

The bartender (Oliver, if I am not mistaken…) was ready for the group!… πŸ™‚

And Jeff (Cafe Selma‘s Guru), of course, took the initiative to give us a quick “behind the scenes” tour…

Oliver is so passionate about beer! I love the way he described the different beers…

But now it’s time to taste it! Smell…and of course color…

The brewery has a cool map of Michigan, so this was the spot to say “Cheers”!

And a final shot inside the Odyssey “headquarters” (the bus…)

5 Responses to “Beer Odyssey”

  1. I am one of the tasters and I love these pictures! WOW! Thanks for taking them πŸ™‚

  2. Pierre, these shots are beautiful! You’ve got mad skills. Want to come take photos at Selma Cafe sometime? Really nice work.

  3. Nick Roumel said

    Pierre – you really should get in touch with Oliver (Roberts) at WBC. I’m sure he’d LOVE these amazing pictures.

    I’d also like permission to use a few of these for the article that will appear in Current.

    Thanks again for joining us and being our official photographer!


  4. pwp said

    Thanks everyone for your comments!
    It was a blast to photograph this event, and I am glad I could make it…

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