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Ford Hispanic Network w/ Miss Universe 2010 and Telemundo COO

Posted by pwp on October 2, 2010

Here is an event that just could not get better: Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete, and Telemundo Chief Operating Officer, Jacqueline Hernandez, invited for the 2010 Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at Ford World Headquarters!

On top of that, Ximena was kind enough to bring the sun and warmer weather from Mexico to Michigan… in the 70’s, not bad for the end of September. The event was such a success and everybody had so much fun. First Ximena and “Jackie” arrived into the lobby of the Headquarters welcomed by the FHN members and a few of the Ford cars. It was just great to take a few “fashion” shots next to the iconic Model-T and the Mustang. Then it was the grand entrance at the reception with a group of students, who were so excited to meet these two celebrities!
The students had a chance to ask some questions directly to Ximena and Jackie. The interaction was a wonderful experience for these young kids.

Then followed a short appearance from Mark Fields, the President of Ford – the Americas and a very entertaining interview with Jackie. At a time where the Hispanic community has become the largest “minority” in the States, talking about all the potentials and aspirations for the future was captivating.  The event ended and started with a really cool latin band called Salvaje.

I just wished that the event had last longer so that everyone got to dance to their awesome rhythms!

Checking out the iconic Model-T (look how that photo aged quickly!)

And jumping into the 21st Century, the equally classic Mustang!

Getting ready for the grand entrance (I love the FHN new logo)…

With the band warming up the room…

Here they are!!!

A great opportunity to ask questions and learn from these successful women.

I love this one!

Ximena, Mark Fields and “Jackie”

Isn’t it so much fun to have your picture taken with Miss Universe!

The interview with Jackie.

And I just like to end with this one… It just makes me happy…

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  2. […] Ford Hispanic Network w/ Miss Universe 2010 and Telemundo COO […]

  3. […] Ford Hispanic Network w/ Miss Universe 2010 and Telemundo COO […]

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