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Nancy & Alex Wedding

Posted by pwp on May 20, 2010

Michigan is famous for the sudden change of weather… We were enjoying some high-50s and 60s and suddenly, we saw a drop down to the 40s! On top of that, there were some gusts of wind reaching 40 mph with an average between 20 to 30mph! But Nancy and Alex did not mind too much and we ended up taking lots of shots outdoors. So congrats for being real troopers! I am so glad you did it and the images below are definitely worth it. I love the ones with the umbrella which makes it very unique and fun.

The ceremony was held at the Union building of the University of Michigan, which is where then Senator John Kennedy gave his 1st speech about Peace Corps! A special place for Nancy, since she went on several Peace corps mission. The reception took place at the new expanded location of Sava cafe, which has great lighting for photography.

Here are some of my favorite images from the day:

Nancy and Alex chose to see each other before the ceremony, which is really a great moment, as you can see captured here. Not even the rain and the cold can stop these two!

The rain came on and off, and the sun even came out. I think this is your lucky umbrella! 🙂

And this umbrella matches the Cube perfectly!

It was great to come back to the University of Michigan Museum of Art where we shot their E-session last month.

Check that Michigan Theater! And the sun was here to stay this time…
I love the classic look and feel of the theater inside.

Grand entrance at Sava’s Cafe, right before their First dance… This just makes me happy.

Christine captured this moment beautifully.

And this one is just perfect for ending this post:

14 Responses to “Nancy & Alex Wedding”

  1. Phan Huynh said

    I hate to admit it but these pictures actually made me cry. I didn’t even know I could do that. Don’t you dare tell anyone.

    I wish you a lifetime of kissing.

  2. Brian Chen said

    Well done! I love the photo under the marquee! Ouistiti!!!

    Congrats, guys! I had an awesome time in Ann Arbor!

  3. Annie said

    The pictures do a great job of capturing how joyful and fun that day was!

  4. Joanne Cao said

    I didn’t know my brother was so photogenic. I love the pictures as it captured the beautiful couple you really are. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and may the sun always shine through, even on rainy days, as on your wedding day.

  5. Amanda said

    You were positively radiant….Congratulations, I’m so very happy for you!!!

  6. Jody Gray said

    Nancy! How beautiful you are! These are wonderful! Best wishes ever for a wonderful life together!

  7. Karina said

    Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful Couple!! You both look so radiant and happy!
    These pictures made me smile–thank you for sharing!

  8. Sarah Owen said

    You guys both look so beautiful and happy. Congratulations and here”s to the start of your new life together!!!

  9. Guta said

    You are so beautiful and happy!
    The photos are so great!

  10. manu said

    WOW… u guys looked amazing :). Awesome pics. Wish you both the best 🙂

  11. David & Jenny said

    You guys looks so happy and beautiful! So sorry we missed it but thanks for sharing the photos, looks like it was a magical day. Wishing you the best always.

  12. Ruth said

    We are at the cabin, at the library, using their high speed internet….so, got the pictures and really enjoyed them. Except for the rain, it must have been a wonderful day. Enjoyed the graduation pictures also. God bless and keep you close to Him in all you do! Have a beautiful life together! – Ruth

  13. Laronda said

    You two look wonderfully elegant and completely happy! I’m so sorry we missed it, but the photographs are a beautiful peek into your day. Thanks so much for sharing them. Laronda

  14. Victoria (and Michael) said

    I have to agree with Phan Huynh. I cried with happiness for you both. Love from all the Beards.

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