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April & Tom Wedding

Posted by pwp on August 14, 2009

I was so excited to photograph April & Tom’s wedding, after the great time we had at their E_session last year. Wow time flies! Also they had planned to go to downtown Detroit at a couple of cool locations (yes Detroit is not as bad as people think – I’ll write a post about this some time). One was right on the Detroit River right next to the GM towers and a really fun carousel! The other place was nothing less than the Tigers stadium! And a game was going on at the same time, so it was just so cool to hear the crowd applauding every so often. It felt like they were doing it for April and Tom (which they did, of course!).

The reception was held at the Partridge Creek in Clinton Township, which is right next to a small lake and some beautiful surroundings.

Here are some of my favorites images…

Let me first start by saying, if I may, that April, you have amazing legs… Actually my wife, Christine, told me to tell you that! And for those of you who are wondering, they have not been photoshoped at all!  🙂

IMG_7289It was great to have all your bridesmaids to help you get dressed.


And here is the end result!


I love this one!




I love catching these moments…



Let’s celebrate!


Having your own Carousel at your wedding is not a bad thing!



I love the photo-journalistic style on this one… As you can see, we had a few clouds and some wind but no rain!


Here is the wedding party at the Tigers Stadium!


In the middle of the famous Woodward avenue in Detroit! Don’t they look like movie stars!



Great details taken by Christine…


What a Grand entrance!




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