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Flamenco fusion night

Posted by pwp on March 21, 2009

Last weekend we had the great experience to see a cool group from Ann Arbor performing at the Cafe Violeta in downtown Detroit. This was one of the monthly performances that the Compas Music and Art Center organizes. By the way, they have all kinds of cool dance classes that you should check out. Valeria from La Chispa company which we saw last year organized this event.  Flamenco was the theme of the night, but it turns out that most of the songs were a fusion between flamenco and arabic music! Those two style of music have the same roots, so it was so interesting to combine them together…

Here are just a few photos from this incredible trip to Spain and the Middle-East!
(I just had my small point-and-shoot but with those guys, you can’t get a bad picture – I’ll bring my 5D for their next performance, so stay tuned…)

This is my favorite; just like a painting…


Just magical!


I love this one… I can feel and see the passion of the flamenco spirit!


Here is a 5min video of one of their colorful songs (I’d put the whole show if I could!):

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