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Happy New Year 2009 – Bonne Annee de Montreal!

Posted by pwp on January 1, 2009

Some of us decide to go to a warmer place during the Christmas holidays, but we thought Montreal and its famous freezing cold winter would be a much better choice! Before you think that we are crazy (and we are…), let me just say that this plan started when we learned that my brother would be there for a year or so… And Montreal is an awesome city to visit, even though you need to be mentally prepared for the extremely harsh weather conditions…. Coincidentally the temperature reached 0 deg F at midnight!

Note: those photos were taken with my brand new P&S camera (Canon SD870IS), which kept up quite well with my 5D and was much easier to handle in cold weather.


We met up in Vieux-Montreal for a free concert and fireworks. Dancing was more of a survival necessity than anything else… but it was fun to enjoy some folkloric music from Quebec.




Some “Tire d’Erable” anyone? Hot maple syrup crystallized on ice, how about that!


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