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An Evening with Heather and Josef’s Magic!

Posted by pwp on November 25, 2008

We feel so lucky to have crossed paths with Josef and Heather. They are both amazingly talented in their craft, Josef with his memorable rhythms (check out his page) on the bass and Heather with her awesome voice coming right from her Heart.

They recently performed at “Hathaway’s Hideaway”, a hidden place in downtown Ann Arbor. But the room was packed! And as soon as they started their show, we knew why. For a couple of hours, everyone was just elevated to a different place, where love was truly in the air, thanks to the power and beauty of Heather’s voice and the band’s music. It was such a beautiful live performance, and we did not want to be in any other place on that night.

This is why I am so glad that Christine reminded me to grab my 5D to capture the evening. Here are some of the most memorable shots… listen a bit and you might even here the music!


I just loved that place which had an organic and intimate atmosphere…


Classic moments…


When I look at this shot, I just can’t wait to hear your voice again, Heather!


Isn’t she so great!


Let’s not forget the cool of Josef 🙂

IMG_7348I can’t get enough of those moments…



Standing ovation!


The band played on this really old and stylish piano full of character… and I LOVE those mics!


Celebrating a successful night outside the place…IMG_7536

And we grabbed some delicious food at the really cool diner of Ann Arbor, Fleetwood diner. I’ll have to do a whole post about it some time….

Some words of wisdom to ponder…


2 Responses to “An Evening with Heather and Josef’s Magic!”

  1. Jessica said

    This is my best friend heather! Please please please tell me how i can order your pictures, they are amazing!

    Thank you!
    Jessica Rice


  2. […] lucky enough to go to another memorable performance from Heather and her band. Check the last post here. This time it took place at the “vintagy” (is that a word?) Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor, […]

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