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Ria & Tony Wedding

Posted by pwp on September 30, 2008

We’ve been waiting for some rain here in Michigan, and we got some on Ria and Tony’s wedding… well, we got a lot, actually! Let’s just say that this was our way to welcome our couple coming all the way from Atlanta… Anyway we all know that rain on your wedding brings happiness, so let’s just keep it at that.

We started with some “getting ready” shots at the Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor.

Here are our so cute Flower girl and Ring bearer!

The church rules were quite challenging, since photographers were only allowed in the back! But those captured moments made up for them.

Close your eyes! First kiss in the limo..

Tony, working at Delta Airlines, prepared a cool surprise for the guests with that “Wedding boarding pass”!

We had to get out at least once to laugh at the rain! See, everybody is happy, just like I was saying… ;P
Also notice the side burns that the guys made up to match Tony’s! That was fun!

Getting married in the rain… Somehow the happy song “Singing in the Rain” comes to mind…

And back inside, a dance full of sweet love…

One Response to “Ria & Tony Wedding”

  1. Carol Hegedus said

    It was so wonderful to see these pictures… I have tears in my eyes seeing how beautiful you look. I really did think of you on that very special day. Love, Carol

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