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Laurie & Chris Wedding

Posted by pwp on July 23, 2008

I was just so excited to photograph Laurie and Chris’s wedding. Laurie is one of my good friends from the Ypsi Jaycees, which by the way is an awesome organization for “young” people. You should really check it out when you get a chance, because you can get involved at so many levels and learn so much from all the amazing people. It was just so great to see some of my old Jaycee friends after quite some time…

But let’s go back to the wedding, shall we! It was outdoors (yeah!) in a very cool park, called German Park. They decided to actually start with an afternoon lunch/dinner and then do the ceremony, which was quite unusual, but this made it more interesting. The weather forecast was truly scary in the morning: it was saying “strong thunderstorms” and highlighted in bold red lines! But by incredible luck, those never happened! We had a great day with plenty of sunshine and beautiful sunset light. I was just so relieved…

Laurie is also a photographer (you may have seen her images under “Life in a Moment” name), so this was great to know that she could really appreciate the creative process.

Here is the happy couple with the “Unity” tree they planted. How cool is that!

By the way, Laurie made her own dress and her wedding dress as well… coming up. Laurie, you rock!

Getting married in Michigan? Well don’t forget your red umbrella!

Take a look at our handsome groom and the wonderful invitation that Laurie designed!

And here is the gorgeous wedding dress that Laurie finished just a few days before the wedding!

Chris’s Dad is a Minister and it was just so special to have him do their wedding… in a really cool Summer setting.

“All you need is Love”

One Response to “Laurie & Chris Wedding”

  1. Sara Koon said


    The pictures are as beautiful as the day was. However I did not see any bats in any of the pitures! We will always remember and treasure the day!

    Sara(Chris’ sister)

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