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Dream Engine at Ann Arbor Summer Festival – Part II

Posted by pwp on July 21, 2008

I know you’ve been waiting for Part II for some time, but the wait will be worth it! If you have not seen Part I yet, here is the link. This time the Dream Engine takes us on a fantastic trip on a heliosphere. The performance is closer to the movie “Close Encounter of the Third Type”, as you will discover in the night scenes.

Kids were just ecstatic and were all rushing to meet our Heliosphere lady. After the afternoon performance, it was great for kids to be able to actually meet her and ask her questions. I don’t remember what planet she said she was from… you should ask them next time you get to see this amazing show!

I love the connection she and the kids had… This is all about dreams and kids always get it.

This is the “behind the scene” shot. I just love those moments where the kids got to know more about the performer.

Before the night performance, there were a couple of local bands playing some awesome music. This was just a gorgeous summer day in Ann Arbor and this shot sums it all…

I really like the graphic design of the Festival. It’s exactly what the Festival is all about: bringing local people together and celebrate Summer with some great colorful performances.

Acte II: Heliosphere at Night!

“Au Revoir” and see you next year (hopefully)!

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