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Juli & Matt Wedding

Posted by pwp on July 15, 2008

For this last wedding in June, I was ready to celebrate, especially with the great weather we ended up having. If you have not lived in the Midwest, you have no idea how hard it is to get married without a few thunderstorm showers!

Juli and Matt had planned to get ready at the Church and to see each other before the ceremony. We then took the wedding party photos at Mill Pond Park in Saline, which was a great way for everybody to relax and have fun before the ceremony.

The reception took place at the Washtenaw Country Club in Ypsilanti, which was great to get some natural light into the dance floor.

Let’s start with some amazing details taken by Christine.

Matt, you’re lucky to have such a cool Best Man and groomsmen!

Juli is definitely just as lucky! 🙂

I just love the light going through the trees in the background!

Those captured moments just make my day…

Look at our handsome couple!

I love the feeling I get with that shot of their Grand entrance…

This might be my favorite! I can feel the moment and their love for each other…

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