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Dream Engine at Ann Arbor Summer Festival – Part I

Posted by pwp on July 5, 2008

What can I say about the Ann Arbor Summer Festival? Well this is simply the best thing happening in Ann Arbor, period! Well it’s true that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is well known all over the US but for me this festival is just awesome!

After the long winter here in Michigan, people are just dying to go out and finally enjoy themselves. The Festival is happening every day for almost a whole month. It is actually ending this Sunday… Every day, you get a couple of local bands with some great music and to finish the night a cool movie on an inflatable screen. And everything is of course outdoors!!!

Every year there is a big performance going on… Last year, the Strange Fruit group was invited and there were just fantastic. Myra Klarman, the official photographer of the Festival, has a post on this and some really cool photos, as usual. This year we are honored to experience the magic of Dream Engine, a group from UK.

The performance of the night was called the Cone Dancers, and it was truly magical…

But first let me show you the pure joy of being in the heart of the Festival:

You’ll get all kind of colors… Just Magical!

And after chasing each other, there is of course a Happy Ending for this out-of-this-world couple! After the performance, kids were all asking whether they kissed for real!

Here is Simon waving to the exuberant crowd…

2 Responses to “Dream Engine at Ann Arbor Summer Festival – Part I”

  1. MKP said

    Your shots capture this performance beautifully, and feature a superb point of view that includes Burton Tower!

  2. […] Dream Engine at Ann Arbor Summer Festival – Part I […]

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