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Elodie & George Wedding

Posted by pwp on June 23, 2008

This wedding was just too much fun. First of all, it was outdoors right on a lake and at the same location for everything. Then it was international with Elodie being French (Vive la France!) and George being from Bulgaria. I know I should have learnt a few Bulgar words but I was just so happy to speak a little French that before I knew it, the day was over… oh well. I actually tried to say a word that means Smile for some of the group shots…. I wished I remember that one.

Anyway I couldn’t resist to first put one of the shots that we took after the ceremony. We had found this awesome spot in the same residence and we knew we were going to get amazing shots. Even the flowers match the color theme of their wedding!

I love this one which looks like ballerinas getting ready for their dance…

I keep dreaming when I stare at this awesome detail shot of the ring taken by Christine!

The cake was just too much fun!

I had to put this great moment when Elodie and George fight for the bigger peace of bread, which is a Bulgarian tradition. It looks like Elodie might be the “boss” in this relationship according to this tradition…

Let’s end with some sweet moments from their first dance…

3 Responses to “Elodie & George Wedding”

  1. Bonnie said

    What a beautiful couple….these are some of the best photos ever. I love the black and whites ones to remind of us when things were much simplier!

  2. Ophe and Miguel Adan said

    Dear Friends and neighbors,
    Thank you for including us in your original and beautiful celebration.
    We also enjoyed the delicious dinner, wine and everything else.
    What a wonderful memory for you.
    What a great way to share the experience with all of us.
    Enjoy each other in a long and healthy lifetime.

  3. Sandy & Dan said

    I can only summerize these pictures as “WOW”, they’re stunning. They’ve captured the memories of their special day beautifully. What an amazing album they’ll have to cherish and share with family and friends. I can’t wait to see them ALL!

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