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Juli & Matt E-session

Posted by pwp on June 4, 2008

Once again we got quite lucky with the weather and had an amazing time with this session at Gallup Park.

There was this really wonderful spot right next to the Huron river covered with yellow wild flowers! Christine discovered it while biking to her ballet class. What we did not know is that this was also the home of a bird. So pretty soon, he got tired of us intruding into his private space and started to play the kamikaze airplane on Juli and Matt! But these guys were so committed to keep on shooting that we were able to take a few more shots in his domain, while boosting the adrenaline….

This part of the trail was just like a tunnel of awesome light!

Here is the spot! Surrounded by yellow…

And a little bit of blue… not bad either!

Love the drama on this one!

..and the classic elegance of this timeless photo:

And here is our “kamikaze” bird crashing the party!

One Response to “Juli & Matt E-session”

  1. Jason Campobasso said

    Those are some great pictures! Juli, I am so happy for you! (Matt, You TOO!) God Bless you both!


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