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Flamenco show – La Chispa

Posted by pwp on May 28, 2008

As soon as we hear or read about an upcoming Flamenco show, we would do almost anything to make it! This time the La Chispa company from Detroit was performing at the very cozy Performance Network theater in Ann Arbor. And once again we got the tickets as soon as we could.

We actually got a few more tickets for our friends Rafael, Gina and her parents. This was one of our favorite Flamenco show for sure! The guitar player was just out of this world and the two ladies had fire in their moves and especially hearts. We kept hearing the flamenco rhythm long after the show was over…

And at the end, the girls convinced the guitar player to start dancing! This was so spontaneous (the video camera had already stopped filming) that it made the whole audience feels like the show was not going to end that soon. This is what happens with such an amazing music and dance mixed together with the Spanish passion.

And finally, here are the wonderful Flamenco dancers who gave us such a memorable performance. They actually teach some Flamenco classes, which sound like a lot of fun!

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  1. […] all kinds of cool dance classes that you should check out. Valeria from La Chispa company which we saw last year organized this event.  Flamenco was the theme of the night, but it turns out that most of the […]

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