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Abby & Dan E-session

Posted by pwp on May 25, 2008

It was such a wonderful afternoon here in Ann Arbor, with Spring lighting up every tree and grass areas with colorful flowers. This is the type of day where everybody just want to go outside and forget the (very) long winter…
Christine found this amazing spot at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, and even proposed to prepare a picnic for our happy couple… and but not your “average” weekend picnic.. oh no! Check out her blog to see what I mean… the menu included cucumber sandwiches made with pain de mie from this wonderful Japanese lady of Cafe Japon, with some potato salad (sorry Dan, but it does not have a name yet) and of course some lemonade made with fresh lemons. For dessert, there was some banana bread (my all-time favorite) and I just had to add a few slices of watermelon, just because it is so much fun to eat and has “summer time” written all over it (I know this is just Spring… but we are already thinking of summer).

Looking for the perfect spot…

Here it is!…. Santé!

Didn’t I tell you that watermelon was fun!

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