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Natalie & Nate E-session

Posted by pwp on May 13, 2008

Spring in Michigan! Yeah! Finally after close to 5 months of winter, we can finally see some green and enjoy just a fireworks of flowers all over the place… and also thunderstorms! But luckily, with Natalie and Nate, we got some really good weather.

They are getting married in June, so this is one of those “just in time” things. And again it is so worth it to wait for the nicer weather for this kind of shoot. No need to say that I had a blast shooting them! They are both musicians, so we got started at the Union building of the University of Michigan. There is a room called the Art Room that has a grand piano. Since Natalie plays the piano, this was a really cool place to start! I just wished my camera could also record all the tunes that those guys played that day… oh well… Hope you guys will send me your CD when you become famous 😛

A little piano, Maestros…

Those trees in full bloom are just magnificent!!!

Fun at the UofM “world famous” cube!

Those two are just too much fun!

Movie stars in Ann Arbor?

And thanks to Biggby cafe on Liberty Street who gave us some free drinks to celebrate Natalie and Nate! Way to go! (free drinks taste even better, right!)

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