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Welcome to 8frame!

Posted by pwp on December 27, 2007


Hi – I’m Pierre and I am excited to write this 1st post on my new blog. You would think that I waited for 2008 to start this blog. With a name like 8frame, this could have been the case. But not really. Here the character ‘8’ relates to the infinity concept that I’d like to think of when I look at an amazing photograph. OK I hear you saying already “what the heck he is talking about?’. So let me just ask you about what you really feel when you look at such a photo? You basically feel a strong connection and you can’t hardly stop looking at it. This is as if the photo is actually “talking” to you, or even better, telling you a story.

Isn’t it what we all want? As kids, we always love this time at the end of the day where our dad or mum would be reading or telling a bedtime story. This why we go to the movies, we all want to be transported in a different “world” or time, and satisfy our own imagination.

So where this infinity thing fits in? Well… when I look at an amazing photo, especially when a special moment has been captured, I kinda feel like I stepped in a moment of “infinity”, where time basically stops. It’s just me, that photo, and this beautiful connection.

One Response to “Welcome to 8frame!”

  1. holybasil said

    I was also wondering what the heck you were talking about 🙂
    What a beautiful photograph to use for your first blog post! The waves, the sunset — so simple yet so meaningful — a little Pierre-ish talk for ya 🙂

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